According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping is a method that creates a vacuum on the patients/clients skin, to move stagnant blood and lymph. This, in turn, will improve the clients’ qi flow. Cupping has been used as a therapy in China for thousands of years.

Why cupping?
If you are suffering from cold, flu, respiratory disease, bronchitis cupping is a wonderful way of detoxing and moving stubborn mucous out of the body.

Unlike massage, cupping uses the opposite technique, rather than applying pressure to the muscle, cupping pulls the skin, muscle and tissue into the cup, this enables better blood flow, giving enhanced circulation to remove heat, relieve pain and remove toxins that are stuck in the bodies tissue.

The reverse pressure of Chinese cupping can also aid with cellulite break up. It eases the fascia that connects the skin and muscle reducing fluid build up, thus the skin appears more smooth.

Cupping is a great therapy for anyone suffering high blood pressure, as the reverse pressure of the cups and increased blood flow help to sedate the nervous system. It loosens muscle, relieves pain in tissues and joints.

It is an effective and enjoyable treatment, leaving the patient feeling lighter. It is essential to drinks a lot of water after the treatment as the removal of toxins from the muscle tissue needs to be flushed from the body.


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