To ensure that the content on our Blog stays varied and interesting to our readers, we’re looking for new and interesting individuals to share their knowledge and passions in the areas of Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Spirituality.
All guest bloggers contribute on a voluntary basis and have the chance to share their knowledge and expertise in their area with a wide audience.
If you think that you are a possible candidate, email with the following content:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your City and Country
  • A short bio of yourself to let the readers (and us) know a little about you
  • Links to some articles you have written in the past (if you have written some- It shows us your writing style)
  • If you haven’t any previous writing experience, you can attach a short (100approx.) sample of what or how you would write
  • Reasons why you think you should be a guest blogger and what exactly you would blog about
  • Confirmation that you have read the guidelines below

The following guidelines are in place to ensure a high standard for the blog content.
All content must be original.
That is to say, the article will be free of any content taken from another source, including ‘spun content’ (taking someone else’s work and re-writing or re-arranging it to appear unique).
You can (and should) use reliable sources for statistics or relevant content, and always reference the source.
The content that is submitted should be proof-read, be well written and have a clear concise structure.
Articles can be 300- 1500 words in total.

By submitting your article with, you agree for the promotion of the article and if we choose to re-use the article again (with credit to you).
Not all applications will be accepted and there is nothing personal involved. It just means that at the time, we might be looking for something different.

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