What is Juicing?
When you hear ‘juice’ you may think of the juice you see on the supermarket shelf, labeled ‘fresh’ ‘pure’ and ‘sugar-free’. I’m sure, like myself in the past, you have bought these juices thinking they were healthy and nutritious! It wasn’t until I did some research and found that these ‘fresh’ juices in our shops are nothing more than heat treated bottles of sugar!

So what does this mean?
When you buy a carton of orange juice, apple juice or these multivitamin juices you are literally drinking sugar! Very little of the actual fresh fruit or vegetable juice is in these juices. They have been heat treated so much that so many of the nutrients have been killed and sugar added to give them a longer shelf life!! Crazy…But true!

What can you do about this…?
Well, the answer is simple. Before you buy items in your store labeled, healthy, fresh, pure. Read the ingredients list. If there is something on it that sounds like another language it probably isn’t that fresh is it..? But don’t worry, we can have wonderful energy giving pure fresh juice made in our own kitchen.


So what’s the deal with juicing?
We spend most of our day thinking about food. Well, I know I do. What am I going to eat? What are we having for lunch, dinner, today, tomorrow? We load our bodies all day with solid, cooked food. Sometimes we feel tired and crap after this food and sometimes we feel ok. Our bodies need a break. When our bodies are ill and/or injured we heal ourselves right?? But if our bodies are spending all day focusing on digesting the massive amount of food we eat, how will it focus on healing anything? That’s where juicing comes in. Magic! When we use a juicer the fiber is taken out of the fruit & veggies leaving pure liquid gold to flood every cell of our body. No digestion necessary. Wonderful! Thus giving our body an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help your body stay strong and fight disease. Juicing is a powerful way to give your system the boost it needs to increase your energy, lose that extra few pounds and think so clear you won’t know yourself. Pass me the veggies eh?

Will I never eat again?
Now now, I’m not saying don’t ever eat food again. You can totally eat. Eating is a joyful, happy experience. It should be anyway! Simply adding 1 or 2 fresh juices to your day will up your vitamin intake and feel amazing. Of course, you can do a 3, 7, 14-day juice fast where you only consume fresh juice. I have done this myself and the results are awesome. Now I have at least one juice every day. I’m addicted. Not convinced? Juice a fresh pineapple and you’ll never turn back! Go out grab a juicer, ditch the junk food and give your body the wonderful health it deserves. Remember that juicing is not a “Diet”, it’s a lifestyle change. You will be adding fresh juice to your everyday routine.

If you are on medication or have any health concerns, are pregnant or breastfeeding, you must speak to your doctor before undertaking any fasting/juicing programme. Health is wealth.

Looking for more inspiration, check out the documentary, ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ by Joe Cross, or Jason Vale on youtube. 

Green Goddess Super Juice
• 1 cup Spinach
• Half a cucumber
• 2 sticks of Celery
• 2 Apples (Royal Gala are the bomb)
Pop it all through your juicer and ENJOY!

Immune Boosting Baby
• 4 Carrots (medium sized)
• 1 inch Ginger root
• 1 inch turmeric
• 2 small oranges
Throw it through your juicer, sit back and enjoy your pure liquid sunshine!



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