Life is to be lived and enjoyed!
The Mandala Team firmly believe that with the right information, support and personal commitment, you can exceed expectations on the life you wish you lead. Sometimes we are faced with obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals in our life. Obstacles come in many forms. They can be physical, mental and, spiritual. We, at Mandala, want to work with you to figure out ways of overcoming these obstacles so that you can get back on track to living your life. 
As a group, we work together in many ways, sharing our knowledge, passions, and techniques in different areas. We do this so as we can assure we give our readers the best and most concise information. Like any good team, we support each other and learn from one another.‎
We work independently in our own practices, providing a range of services tailored to both individuals and groups.
Please feel free to get in contact with our team for more information.

Sarah Donnelly | Kiara Byrne | Dominika Stoppa