Dominika has always had an interest in the areas of Philosophy, Psychology and Spirituality. She began her own study in these areas as a teenager and over a decade ago, discovered Buddhist meditation. During this time, she has been part of many retreats and gained knowledge and insight from numerous Buddhist teachers. Dominika feels that Meditation helped her in a huge way through the toughest periods of her life. She deeply believes in the power of Meditation and Mindfulness and wants to teach both the practice and its benefits to others.

Although Dominika began practising extensively with Buddhist meditation, she doesn’t focus solely on one type and enjoys incorporating the many different types of meditations that are available. Dominika loves to learn and loves working with people from all walks of life. Her passion is to share her knowledge and the experience in the area with as many people as possible.

While Dominika holds a BA National Security and Diploma Fine Art, her passion has always been in the area of Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellness. She has studied as a Mindfulness Practitioner I, II, III and obtained her Master level in Mindfulness this year. She holds a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner Certificate and enjoys merging elements of CBT in her classes and courses.

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