We all love a yummy sugary snack every now and then, some of us more often than others. From cakes, chocolate bars to jellies and lollipops. It is a treat we are used to getting since we were small children. On adds, cereal boxes to colorful packaging we are tempted to buy sugary snacks everytime we walk into a shop or supermarket.

Even though we are becoming more aware of the dangers of sugar, there is still some confusion as to the effects sugar has on our bodies when consumed.
If we wish to live a healthy life we need to realize how bad this sweet tasting man-made carbohydrate (sucrose) is for us. There are a few different types generally all ending in ‘ose’..  It’s all sugar.

Sugar has no nutritional value to our bodies, it is empty calories. Have you ever noticed how u have a little chocolate sweet then five minutes later you want more? The more we eat sugar the more we want. 

This refers to refined sugar, not naturally-occurring sugar found in fruits & vegetables. Due to the fibre that is not found in sugary treats,  the sugar found in fruit & veg takes your body longer to break down thus giving you longer-lasting energy.

Over the recent years, people have completely forgotten what normal healthy food is and now reach for quick sugar-laden foods.
This is why obesity, diabetes and heart disease is at an all-time high. We have never been more addicted than we are today!

Young children walking to school with a bottle of coke in their hand? Women and men reaching for sugary coffee and donuts at lunchtime trying to get an energy boost after their sugary coffee and sugar filled “healthy” breakfast bar on the way to work! When will we realize that this is not the food to fill the body in which we live? When will we realize and make the decision to stop filling ourselves with absolute junk?

So how do we cut this addiction for our health and for our families? There are some wonderful alternatives to sugar, found in your local health store, for example, xylitol & stevia to name a few. 
It is always helpful to eat little and often as to keep your blood sugar balanced, this will help stop cravings.

Weaning yourself off sugar can be easier than you think, adding some cinnamon to your porridge in the morning is a wonderful helper for cravings, taking a chromium supplement, found in any good health store is also great if you are struggling. Making time to prepare your food and snacks in advance so you don’t reach for sugary snacks during the day will really make a difference. Making small, steady changes every day is the way to go. 

Our children’s health is obviously something we all care deeply about, the best way to ensure your child stays healthy and fit is to absolutely limit their sugar on a daily basis. I understand birthday parties, Christmas, Easter are times when children love having their treats, and in moderation around these times is fine. It is however so important that we teach our children about eating healthy so that they don’t see sugar as a staple part of their everyday. An easy to do this is to cook together with wholesome natural ingredients so they see what real food is and how it is made.

There is numerous books & information available these days with sugar-free recipes for the whole family! It’s time to wake up and realize our health truly should be top priority!!


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