Do you ever eat something and think, “oh I really shouldn’t have eaten that”? Or, “Wow I feel really great after that meal”?. Healthy eating for one person might be very different than healthy eating for someone else. What’s right for you might not necessarily be right for your partner or friend. When you eat what you know is good for your body you feel happy and satisfied, that guilt that can come with eating will go away and you can enjoy each meal as it is supposed to be enjoyed. Eating well can have lasting benefits for your health and life in general.

We are bombarded daily with an abundance of facts and opinions about food. While this availability of information has been beneficial, it has also resulted in confusion.
You might read today that a certain food is healthy only to be told tomorrow that it isn’t. Should we be going back to our roots and following a paleo (caveman) diet or should we be moving towards a more plant-based diet? How are we supposed to know what’s right and what isn’t?

Do your research.
Try not get bogged down in the constant information and take action! Do your own research. That could be getting an allergy test to see what foods don’t agree with your body or going to a nutritionist to discuss a plan for you.
Try to stay away from fad diets that promise you’ll lose “7 pounds in 7 seven days” or information video’s which tell you to “drink this before bed every night and lose inches”. It may be more beneficial to consider that what is required is a lifestyle change rather than a “Diet”.

Has the word “healthy” lost it’s meaning?
While the amount of choice available in our grocery stores is wonderful, it is all too easy to be led to believe that sugary breakfast cereals and spreadable chocolate are the way to start your day.

Keeping it simple.
Let’s look at some simple tips to help you get on the right track to a healthy mind, body & soul.

Eat less processed foods – many processed foods may be filled with preservatives and may be high in salt, sugar and other ingredients which are of little or no nutritonal value
Cut down on your sugar consumption – it has been well documented that diets high in sugar come with many adverse effects on health
Read the label – if you feel you need a dictionary to decipher the ingredients on a food label, may be best to leave it on the shelf.
Try to drink more water – while this may vary depending on activity level and other factors, for most people this will be 2/4litres per day.
Be more active – modern conveniences have resulted in many people leading a sedentary lifestyle, this may also lead to health issues. Being more active may improve heart health, your mood, encourage you to eat better and result in better sleep.
Meal prep – preparing food and meals in advance is a great way to stay on track.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean being miserable.
Sometimes when people think about eating healthy they instantly think of things they CAN’T have, rather than thinking of all the wonderful things they can have, and the benefits they will gain from eating properly.
More energy, better mood, more confidence, less guilt attached to eating, less cravings.

If you are someone who thinks “I don’t know where to start” then you aren’t alone, but you can eat right and you can feel happy and satisfied with your body. Follow simple plans one step at a time, pop into your local health store for advice and referrals to nutritionists to help you start on your journey to optimum health.


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