I’ve been writing a traditional gratitude journal every evening for a long time now but I felt that something was missing. I came up with the idea of combining visual symbols, photos and handwriting to create monthly visual gratitude journal.

I feel like March 2020 was a challenging month for most of us. I used a symbol of a mountain to express some obstacles. The oak leaf symbolise strength and mental resilience. The crossroad sign reflects on considering a slight pivot around my business. The turtle symbolise mother energy – I’m spending more time with my children as play schools are closed. They’re just learning to write so I included photos with their practice sheets and an ABC Book to mark this moment. The campanula flowers symbolise gratitude. Bright pink and yellow colours in the backround symbolise playfulness, joy and happiness.

On the bottom of the page I wrote:

What can I control?


It’s an important reminder that instead of worrying about the outside world I should be focusing on what I can influence and create during this strange period.

I truly believe that having a regular gratitude practice is crucial for shifting a mindset and feeling happier.

What are your experiences with gratitude journals?

☞ Symbols come from the Creative Mandala 100 Symbol Starter Set.


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